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Many of the world's most famous brands trust Plimsoll's experience to give them insight into their key markets

Plimsoll is the leading publisher of global market reports and company analysis. 30,000 consultants, directors and managers from around the world use the Plimsoll Industry Analysis to assess their market and the companies within it. Providing a snapshot of business performance, the Plimsoll Analysis offers the kind of insight accounts or business data don't provide.

Plimsoll's industry reports brings together the largest companies from around the world operating in a particular market and examines their financial performance using the proven Plimsoll Model. Using a series of ratio's, graphs and written summaries, this unique two-paged model instantly shows how well any company is performing and where it sits in its global marketplace.
For over 25 years the Plimsoll Analysis has been used for competitor studies, identifying mergers and acquisitions, sales targeting, industry information, spotting the most profitable and identify up-and-coming businesses - In one convenient report. So get started and see what Plimsoll business intelligence can tell you about global industries important to you. Simply search for your industry above, if you can't find your industry, call us and we'll build you one.

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Plimsoll industry reports give me a succinct and authoritative run-down of the financial health of my competitors, giving me options I might not otherwise have to make a whole range of decisions.

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